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Using the Internet
Surfing the net, chatting and sending instant messages can be lots of fun. But, just like everything else, there are some rules you need to follow to stay safe when you’re on the Internet is a resource dedicated to educating parents on the best ways to safeguard their children from the dangers presented by cyberspace.

CIESE-- Internet Safety for Students & Teachers
Important to balance protecting students with the need to utilize the technology to its full potential

FBI Library - A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety.
The largest online internet safety program since 1995.

Internet Safety and Child Safety Information.
Internet safety resource, child safety, filtering software for Parents and families regarding their children and the internet. Learn online safety tips, safe children's web sites for education and fun. Child Safety Center
At, kids can learn how to stay safe online by playing games, reading comics, and listening to advice from McGruff the Crime Dog.

Internet Safety Quiz For Kids
Online internet safety quiz.

Internet Safety Game
The Idea Seekers want you to Play Smart, Stay Safe and Have Fun while you're on the Internet.

My Rules for Online Safety
Rules for Online Safety.

INTERNET SAFETY Menu - The Police Notebook
The Police Notebook - Law Enforcement Internet site to promote safety and crime prevention information.

Internet Safety Guidelines for Children
Online safety guidelines for children.