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Internet Resources

FEMA for KIDS Homepage: Education, Schools, Disasters, Games, Teachers, Art, Hur
This site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and how you can prevent disasters by taking action now.

Safety Clipart
Variety of safety clipart to download

LEAD POISON : KNOW LEAD - Carolina Environment, Inc.
Why is lead so toxic? The body mistakes lead for calcium when ingested. The lead then attaches to and disrupts enzymes essential to the functioning of the brain and other cells. - Safety Index
! The Weather Channel and the American Red Cross supply helpful information about severe weather and natural disaster safety.

Helmets: Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute: Bike Helmets
Info on bicycle helmets, standards, laws, more.

National Council on Fireworks Safety Home Page
The National Council on Fireworks Safety offers fireworks safety tips, information for firefighters, state laws, injury data, and much more to help ensure the safe use of fireworks in the US

Yello Dyno = Safe Kids: Child Abuse Prevention: Bullies: School Safety: Date Rap
Fun, Entertainment-Driven Products and Programs to Keep Your Children Safe From Tricky People!

Children's Safety Zone - Holiday Safety
Holiday Index

Vince & Larry's Safety City
NHTSA's Safety City, Designed to Teach Kids of All Ages about Traffic Safety in a Fun Enviroment

CPR References
The baby and adult CPR instructions are reference on how to perform CPR. They are not intended to be your only guide.

A Kids Eye Safety Guide
A Kid's eye safety guide. An interactive guide for kids to learn how to prevent eye Injury. Coloring pages! Eye safety Tips!

Children's Safety Zone - Product Recall
Product Recall List

ParentingPlace presents Car Safety for Children
This section will address these issues, provide useful information as well as weblinks to other sites dedicated to Car Safety for Children

Kidd Safety
Prevent risk of injury from commercial products, such as scooters, bikes and more..

National SAFE KIDS Campaign: Promoting child safety to prevent unintentional inj
The National SAFE KIDS Campaign promotes fire safety, car safety and home safety to both adults and children.

NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
auto safety highway safety traffic vehicle recalls crash testing testairbags air bag airbag