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Death Penalty Overview
Federal and State material about the death penalty.

countries with a Death Penalty
Attached is a list of countries, indicating whether or not their laws provide for the death penalty.

International Court of Justice
The International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court. View court docket and cases

Julius Caesar
An extensive list of sites and information on Julius Caesar.

Law (a loanword from Old Norse lag), in politics and jurisprudence, is a set of rules or norms of conduct which mandate..

European Court of Human Rights
Information about the Court, including pending cases, judgments and decisions, basic texts, and press releases, in English and French.

International Court of Justice
information, World Court decisions, and other resources.

List of treaties
This is a chronological list of international treaties, agreements, peaces

Declassified Documents Reference System
The database ranges from the years immediately following World War II, when declassified documents were first made widely available, through the 1970s

A Failure to Execute : Death Penalty
More than 100 inmates have sat on California's death row for 15 years or longer. Here's why.

Court TV presents the Supreme Court, from 1810 to the present.

U.S. Code Search
U.S. Code Search

Governments on the WWW: Institutions in the Area Intellectual Property
Links to websites of Institutions in the Area Intellectual Property.

Constitution Society Home Page
Comprehensive collection of constitutional materials, including books, articles, and tools.

Death Penalty Links
At this site you will find a list of links that will serve as a starting poing for information about the death penalty.

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