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Political Resources on the Net - Map of South America
A small map of South America.

Banknotes of Jason Islands
Pictures of banknotes from Jason Islands along with country specific info.

Banknotes of British Guiana
Pictures of banknotes from British Guiana along with country specific info.

The Aymara are an ethnic group in the Andes region of Bolivia and Peru.

GORP - Mexico, Central & South America Resource Listings
This site contains extensive resources on outdoors activities in Mexico,South and Central Amercia. Adventure travel, attractions, national parks, wilderness, wildlife, hiking, biking...

Political Resources on the Net - South America
Index of South American political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments and Media.

Pedaling Through Patagonia
Pedaling Through Patagonia. Read about the 900 miles bicycle adventure through South American

Andes @
Return to the peaks of South America with anthropologist Johan Reinhard, who found the famous ice maiden in 1995. Or click through autopsy results for the Inca mummy.

Amazon Life
Some general information aboutthe Amazon Rainforest, withmaps and statistics.

Cultures of the Andes: Quechua Songs & Poems, Stories, Photos...
Pictures, songs, dances, poetry and more from the Andes.

South America for Visitors - Home Page
Explore the wonders of South America, from steamy rainforests to Andean peaks to Patagonian glaciers with Bonnie Hamre, your Guide

Ice Treasures of the Inca @
Gaze on the hauntingly fragile Inca mummy as scientists atop Mount Ampato in Peru literally stumble onto the find of a career.

Adventures in South America
Pictures and stories about Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail, the Floating Islands of Los Uros and more. Add your own comments. Plus books, links and more...

The Underwater Caves of El Jacinto Pat
The recently discovered Underwater Cave System of the El Jacinto Pat contains highly decorated virgin rooms beautifully photographed. The WebSite contains Full color maps, in 2D and 3D, Cave Diving, Jungle stories, and Adventure. The system is now up for a new World Record, you won't be disappointed.

Charles Darwin Research Station Home Page
galapagos island

World Flag Database: South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
Details and flags of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands