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Innuit Art Gallery
Inuit art, Authenticity, Sculpture, Drawings, Prints, Wallhangings, Baskets and more...

Small Map of Iceland
A small map of Iceland

Arctic Circle
The goal of Arctic Circle is to stimulate among viewers a greater interest in the peoples and environment of the Arctic and Subarctic region. The site has three interrelated themes: natural resources; history and culture; social equity andenvironmental justice.

Arctic and Antarctic Advice Agency Austria

WWW Virtual Library: Circumpolar Peoples
This WWW Virtual Library offers access to WWW resources regarding Circumpolar Peoples.

Map of Iceland
A relief map of Iceland

The Nunavut Handbook: Photo Tours of Nunavut
The pulse of this Baffin Island community, like most of Nunavut's 27 other settlements, beats in rhythm with the land and the changing seasons.

ArcticCircle - Regions of the Arctic Rim

ArcticCircle: Related Information - History and Culture

Ethnographic Portraits - The Inupiat Eskimo of Arctic Alaska

Your online gateway to Greenland
Rudy Brueggemann's intro page to his trip to Greenland will take you to travel stories, picture essays, historical analysis, helpful links, and a Greenlandic web experience you won't forget

Inuit Fonts
TrueType Inuit - Inuktitut font for you to download.

Arctic Perspectives Home Page
Learn more about the Arctic region.

Basic facts about Greenland: Geography, geology, language, history etc.
The history, culture, geography of Greenland.

Greenland Guide - the official travel index
800+ pages about travel and tourism in Greenland: Information from the tourist board, travel agencies, airlines, hotels, local tourist services. Stamps from Greenland.

The Arctic
Learn about the ecosystems of the Arctic region.