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Thanksgiving Activities and Printables


To play you must slide the picture puzzles tiles into place to make a complete sliding block puzzles. Use the mouse to click on any of the slide puzzles block to slide it into the empty space

Thanksgiving Word Jumble

The worksheet displays a list of words with their letters mixed randomly, split up or displayed backwards. The students must then write the word correctly in the space provided

Thanksgiving Magic Square

Match words with clues to complete a magic square. Once the match is made, the number of the correct clue is placed in the proper space of the square that is marked by the letter of the matching word.

Thanksgiving Word LINKS

The words on the list are split, with the first part of the split listed on the left-hand side of the worksheet and the second part listed in random order on the right-hand side of the worksheet. Students can use lines to connect the parts of the words, as well as write the complete word on the space provided..

Thanksgiving Alphabet Challenge

Each line of the puzzle has one word hidden in a list of random letters. The blank space is a missing letter that belongs to that word. The student must recognize the word and write the correct letter in the blank space..

Thanksgiving Word Shapes

Boxes on the worksheet represent the words on a list. Students write the correct words in the boxes based on the shape of the boxes.