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School Home Page Building Blocks

How to Create A Web Page

Optimizing Animated Gifs
animated gifs

Make Tables for Netscape & Other Browsers Easily!

WebSter's Dictionary 2.0
This program provides a forms-based gateway to a spell checker for WWW documents. Enter a URL and the program will retrieve the document and spell check it.

Response-O-Matic Home Page
Response-O-Matic is a free form processor that you can use to add forms to your web pages with no programming.

HTML Web Weaver
shareware html text editor web page

Web Page Design for Designers - Home Page
A site dedicated to the graphic design of web sites -
More than 3000 resources for web builders including free clip art, CGI scripts, tutorials, counters, fonts, html, java, animation, backgrounds, icons, wysiwyg editors, buttons, photographs, site promotion, and much more. It is The Complete Resource for ANYONE who wants to develop pages on the internet, from beginner to experienced Web site developer. Includes the largest directory of Web building resources on the internet.

This is the Devcom home of technology resource listings. You'll find links to applets, scripts, white papers, fact sheets, RFCs, articles and more

Digit Mania
Need a counter for your web page? A collection of digit styles for use with HTML counters or clocks.

The HTML Writers Guild
The Guild is the world's largest international organization of Web designers. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in web authoring and a desire to improve his or her skills.

Northern Webs
The Search Engine Tutorial for Web Designers explains, how to design your pages, keeping the search engines in mind, and why it is necessary to do so.

FrameShop makes it easy to create and experiment with frames.

Table 2 HTML
With Table2HTML you can easily convert a tab or comma delimited table table in a Word document for example to a HTML table.

Media Builder
Create your own custom animated banners here.