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Telescopes from the Ground Up
Telescopes From the Ground Up” traces the history of telescope development and highlights the interplay between technological and scientific advances.

The History of the Telescope
Telescopes have had a long history, with the first known telescope being built in 1608. This site includes telescope pictures and descriptionsl

Space Telescope Information Service
The Hubble Space Telescope is a cooperative program of the European Space Agency ESA and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA to operate a long-lived space-based observatory. Find pictures, information about the telescope..and much more.

Mt. Wilson Observatory
The mountain is host to several ongoing observing projects. Learn about the two primary nighttime telescopes and more...


Hubble Space Telescope
Information on the hubble space telescope. Scientists all over the world use the orbiting observatory to get a view of the universe.

MPEG and quicktime movies from the Hubble telescope.

Bradford Robotic Telescope
The Bradford Robotic Telescope is 46cm and totally autonomous. located high on the moors in West Yorkshire, England. The telescope decides when the conditions are good enough to make observations of the sky by itself an astronomer does not need to be present. Anyone on the Internet can register and ask the telescope to look at anything in the northern night sky. Observations are automatically prioritized, scheduled and completed by the telescope as time allows.