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Meteoroids and the Craters They Make
This activity investigates the formation of craters. You'll see how the size, angle, and speed of a meteorite's impact affects the properties of craters

Meteoroids: Zoom Astronomy

Meteoroids and Meteorites
The term meteor comes from the Greek meteoron, meaning phenomenon in the sky

Meteor Shower
The very first thing we will discuss is the difference between a meteor and a meteorite.

Meteoroids Information
A meteoroid is a piece of stony or metallic debris which travels in outer space. Meteoroids travel around the Sun in a variety of orbits and at various speeds.

Video for kids about meteors, meterorite

Meteor Showers: Zoom Astronomy
A meteor shower is a phenomenon in which many meteors fall through the atmosphere in a relatively short time and in approximately parallel trajectories. A very intense meteor shower is called a meteor storm.