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Tolo Lake Mammoths
Information on the skeleton and anatomy of Mammoths.Lot's of information. A good resource.

A mammothis any of a number of an extinct genus of elephant, often with long curved tusks..

Mammoths of the Ice Age
Pictures and limited information on mammoths.

Mammoth Site Museum
The Mammoth Site is a working paleontological excavation and in-situ exhibit of Ice Age mammoths located in Hot Springs, SD. Learn about the mammoths, history, pictures and more…

A short article and pictures about the Mammoth.

Of Mastodons, Mammoths, and other Pleistocene Giants
Of Mastodons, Mammoths and Other Giants of the Pleistocene . Read about these extinct animals, includes pictures..

Mammoth Story, The
A story about Mammoths and how they are related to elephants.

Zoom: All About Mammoths
During the last Ice Age, there were many large, interesting mammals. One, the Mammoths genus Mammuthus are extinct elephants that were adapted to cold weather. Includes a print out of a Mammoth.

Interesting Facts About the Woolly Mammoth
Interesting facts about the Whoolly Mammoths

Introduction - The Mammoth Saga
Information and images about the Mammoth.