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Life Through Geologic Time
A Pictorial History of Life on Earth

How Things Work
If you have a question about how things work, send in the question and get an explanation

OMSI Science Whatzit!
Try to stump the Science Whatzit Gremlin with your science question! We draw in resources at OMSI and beyond to help you conduct your own inquiry into

Biology on the Net
These links are privided as starting points for searching for information. They are not comprehensive, but should serve as a guide for getting into the vast amount of biology and related information that is available on the Internet

A science site with activities that aim to catch the mind and eye of even the
most indifferent students

Cool Science for Curious Kids
science for kids children botany plant parts classification air pollution airborne junk the air we breathe asthma allergies vertebrates science projects for kids growth and development butterfly kids and science science education how do caterpillars change to butterflies life stages observation scientific method scientific investigation HHMI

History: The History of Sciences.
A student Thinkquest project on the history of science.

Water basics: water properties, measurements
Looking at water, you might think that it's the most simple thing around. Pure water is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. But it's not atall simple and plain and it is vital for all life on Earth. Read and learn about the basics of water.

Welcome to Farm School
Click on items in the image to explore all the important parts of the family farm: the barn, farmhouse, field, tractor, mailbox, greenhouse, silo, pigpen, and woodlot!

Biology Hypertextbook
High school to college level biology topics such as DNA, genetics, cell biology

Cyber Telephone Museum
A showcase of rare antique telephones in vintage condition with close up, detailed pictures, and related information

Oregon Aquarium
Keep up to date at the Official Keiko Web page with news stores, pictures and articles

Ian Jessiman : The Plague, England and Loughborough 1539 - 1640
A general study of the Bubonic plague.

Kinetic City Cyber Club
Learn a new science concept every month, with this online adventure series.

Introduction to the Eukaryota
Fungi, Protists, Plants, Animals.
Geology links and lesson plans

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