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Fisheries Scientist
Fisheries scientists come from many different backgrounds, but all are dedicated to effective management, use, and conservation of aquatic plants and animals

USDA Living Science:

Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife biologists do research that helps us better manage our natural resources

Aquaculturists raise a diverse array of aquatic plants and animals in controlled or semi-controlled settings

Foresters may spend one day in the laboratory and the next in the field

An entomologist is a broadly trained and educated professional in a discipline that touches almost every aspect of our daily lives

Climatologists study climate change, climate variability, and the effects of climate on the biosphere.

The Latin words hortus (garden plant) and cultura (culture) together form horticulture, classically defined as the culture of garden plants

Plant Physiologist
Plant physiologists study the physical, chemical, and biological functions of living plants

Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural engineers apply basic science and engineering principles as they design solutions to engineering problems in agricultural production

Molecular Biologist
Molecular biologists study the molecular basis of the phenomena of living things

A botanist (plant biologist) studies microorganisms and giant trees--all plant life.

Toxicologists study the effects of potentially harmful chemicals on people, animals, and the environment

Science Writer
Science writers must fit their writing styles to suit a variety of materials and audiences

A flower shop employee processes incoming flowers, designs floral arrangements, works with customers, and delivers flowers

Remote Sensing Specialist
Remote sensing specialists interpret and analyze many types of aerial photographs and satellite images.