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Cell Nucleus - Commanding the Cell
The cell nucleus acts like the brain of the cell. It helps control eating, movement, and reproduction.

Chloroplasts take energy from the sun and create food..

Incubation and Embryonic Development
This course is designed to provide elementary and high school teachers with knowledge on the chicken's egg, its importance to man

Cell Membrane
Around every cell is a CELL MEMBRANE. The membrane is like a big plastic bag with tiny holes in it...

Cell Wall
Cell walls help the plant maintain its shape. Walls also help the plant keep its structure consistent...

Cell Vacuoles
Vacuoles are bubbles that float in the cell. Those bubbles store the different molecules a cell needs to survive...

Cell Nucleus
The NUCLEUS is like the brain of the cell. If you take the nucleus out of a cell it dies...

Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is something called an ORGANELLE.

Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi Complex takes simple molecules and combines them and pieces them together to make larger molecules..

The big thing you need to remember about MITOCHONDRIA is that they are the cell's little powerhouses..

Lysosomes combine with the food taken in by the cell...

All About Ribosomes
Ribosomes are the protein builders of the cell. When they build proteins...

Filaments and Tubules
Microtubules and Microfilaments are made up of proteins. These proteins change their shape and force other filaments and tubules to move..