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Proboscis monkey Image Collection
Proboscis monkey Primate Image Collection

Prosimian Picture Gallery
Duke Primate Center - largest colony of lemurs outside of Madagascar. Located in central North Carolina

Howler monkey Primate Image Collection
Pictures of Howler monkeys

Primate Image Collection - Cebus
Capuchin monkey Primate Image Collection

Red Ruffed Lemurs
Red Ruffed Lemur picture gallery.

Primate Image Collection - Colobus
Colobus Pictures and Images

Golden-crowned Sifaka Pictures
Golden-crowned Sifaka picture gallery.

Image Collection - Cacajao Uakari
Primate Images - Uakari Cacajao

Primate Image Collection- spider monkey
Black spider monkeys have long, glossy black hair covering their entire bodies except for their faces

Primate Image Collection - Lemur

Lesser bushbaby
In general, bushbabies are small, woolly, long-tailed primates with mobile, oversized naked ears

Coquerel's Sifaka Pictures
A picture gallery of Coquerel Sifaka Lemurs.

Bearded saki Chiropotes Image Collection
Bearded saki Chiropotes Primate Image Collection

Spider monkey Image Collection
Spider monkey Primate Image Collection

Goeldi's monkey Image Collection
Primate Image Collection Goeldi's monkey

Angwantibo Image Collection
Angwantibo Image Collection