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The Shrew Site
A contribution to promote the investigation of the biology of shrews (Soricidae, Insectivora, Mammalia): Forum, Bibliography, Shrew Photo Gallery, Shrewists on E-mail, Announcements, Current Inquiries, Links

The African Hedgehogs are originally from the savanna and semiarid zones of northern Africa...

Shrew Photos, Video and facts
Photos and videos of shrews (Soricidae, Insectivora)

Red-toothed shrew
The Red-toothed shrews or Soricinae are one of two subfamilies of the shrew

Insectivores - Order Insectivora
Order Insectivora is comprised of a wide variety of mammals, from the pygmy shrew to the spiny hedgehog..

Shrew mole
The Shrew moles or Uropsilinae are one of three subfamilies of the mole family..

Moles Facts and Pictures
Moles are members of family (Talpidae) of mammals in the order Insectivora that live under ground, burrowing holes. Some species are aquatic or semi-aquatic..

Insectivora Facts and Pictures
The order Insectivora in the past was used as a scrapbasket for a variety of small to very small, relatively unspecialized, insectivorous mammals