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Hyenas are found in the continents of Africa and Asia. They are carnivorous animal and are efficient hunters and scavengers. They have extremely strong jaws in relation to their body size and have a very powerful digestive system. Hyenas favorite food includes wildebeest, birds, monkeys and other animals.

They are known for their cackling laugh that is supposed to alert other Hyena s for food. Their main habitat is open savanna plants and grassland. Their life span goes to 25 years. They move in pack with aim to find food. Hyena s have front legs bigger than the back legs. The Aardwolf, Striped Hyena and Brown Hyena have striped pelts and manes lining the top of their necks which erect when frightened. The Spotted Hyena's fur is considerably shorter and spotted rather than striped. Unlike other species, its mane is reversed forwards.

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The Brown Hyena
Brown hyenas really are brown with whitish manes and very long, shaggy hair -- particularly compared to spotted hyenas

The hyena is Africa's most common large carnivore. Over the years hyenas and humans have come into close contact in Africa...

Porcupine: Wildlife Notebook Series
Porcupine species description from the Wildlife Notebook Series publication - Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Striped Hyena
Hyenas are not members of the canid (dog) or felid (cat) families. Instead, they are so unique that they have a family all their own

Hyena Pictures
Hyena Pictures, clipart, illustrations and photographs

Spotted Hyenas
Spotted Hyenas Some Facts and Photos

Hyena Facts and Pictures
Hyena Facts, Classification, information and Pictures

Folklore About Hyenas
The notion that hyenas changed sex from male to female and back again and again dates back at least to ancient Greece, although Aristotle refuted it. The idea probably comes from the fact that the genitals of the two sexes look nearly identical..

Evolution of the Hyaenids
"Hyaenid" is the proper term for any member of the hyena family (the Hyaenidae), including the aardwolf

Spotted Hyena
Lots of information about hyena behavior.

Brown hyaena (Hyaena brunnea)
Brown hyaena fact file

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