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Klipspringer Facts and Pictures
The Klipspringer is a small African antelope that lives from the Cape of Good Hope all the way up East Africa and into Ethiopia

Reindeer Facts and Pictures
The reindeer, known as caribou in North America, is an Arctic-dwelling deer

Information, diet,habitat, breeding and picture of the pronghorn.

The Unique Klipspringer
A video of the Klipspringer at the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, near Cape Town

Ungulate World
Detailed information, photo and links on the east african oryx and other ungulates.

Artiodactyls and other ruminants
Brief information page about the biology of camels, cattle, and their relatives.

The biology of this African antelope, with images.

The Ultimate Ungulate Page
Guide to the World's Hoofed Mammal Species.