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Hamsters are popular small house pets because they are easy to care for and interact well with people.

Species Showcase Hamsters
The ubiquitous little hamster, one animal you will find in almost any pet store, has brought joy to millions with its amusing antics...

Hamster Information
Find information about hamsters including hamster species, advice on buying a hamster, information about caring for hamsters including feeding hamsters, hamster health and more

Hamsters Dance
Fun hamster dance animations with music..

Hamsters at RodentFancy
Learn about types of hamsters, care, health and more..

What is the hamster like
H amsters are nocturnal rodents, A hamster in captivity is still distinguished by its greater inclination towards activity by night rather than by day..

Hamster Information
Hamsters are small animals which makes them easy to care for and inexpensive to keep. Their small size means they can be housed in relatively small cages, even an old birdcage or an aquarium can be used

Pet Hamster Car
Care Sheet. Information on the supplies necessary to care for your new pet.

Hamsters Facts and Pictures
Hamsters facts, information and pictures