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the deer

Deer are found in the continents of Asia, Europe and North America. They like to live in herds. Male deer’s horns shed and regrow every year. There are almost 40 species of deer. They spend their maximum time in looking for foods.
Deer are herbivorous mammals who like to eat grasses, leaves, shoots, fruits and flowers. Their habitat is consisting of dense forest and planted areas where they found plenty of foods. Life of a deer can go up to 20 years.

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White-Tailed Deer
Video of white-tailed deer in the wild

Deer information facts and pictures

White-Tailed Deer
Able to leap tall fences in a single bound, the white-tailed deer is an animal of incredible beauty and power. The white-tailed deer is one of Wisconsin's official wildlife animals and North America's most abundant big-game animal...

Hog Deer
The Hog Deer is small deer whose habitat ranges from Pakistan, through northern India, to Myanmar, with a secondary range in southeast Asia

Deer Cam
Deer Cam Video

Fallow Deer
The Fallow Deer is a ruminant mammal belonging to the family Cervidae

Red deer
Red deer known as elk or wapiti in North America, are the second largest deer in the world..

White-Tailed Deer
White-Tailed Deer Print Out

The Roe Deer
Roe Deer Research Group..

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