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Coyote is also termed as prairie wolf or American jackal. They are mainly found in North America. They mostly stay in burrow especially when they do not look for foods. Coyote runs fast and can jump about 4 meters. They are carnivorous mammal and their favorite foods include rabbit, lizards, deer, mice and other animals.
Coyotes are less social than others and they grow about 80 cm in length. They have pointed ears and nose with long tail. Some coyotes adapt easily to different life and one can see them at various places.

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Coyote Pictures
Coyote pictures, clipart, photographs and illustrations

The Coyote is a member of the Canidae (the dog family) and a relative of the domestic dog. Coyotes are only found in North America

Coyote Pictures, Illustrations and Photographs
Coyote Pictures, Illustrations and Photographs

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Coyote Printouts

Coyote Information
Coyote facts and info

Coyote - Alaska Fish and Game
The wily coyote, so deeply rooted in the history and lore of the American West, is a newcomer to the Alaska scene. Coyotes were first noted in the state shortly after the turn of the 20th century..

Coyote Video
Video of a coyote in the wild. .

Coyote: Wildlife Notebook Series
Coyote species description from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife.

Coyotes, coyote wildlife information
Everything you ever wanted to know about the coyote, it's behavior and life cycle.

Coyote Photo & Sound File
Coyote Sound Video

Texas wildlife identification and viewing guide for the Coyote Canis latrans.

Coyote Protection
With photo, from the Humane Society.

Coyote are an adaptable species, widely distributed throughout the United States. Canis Latrans: Order - Carnivora, Family - Canidae.

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