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Cows are found in many countries around the world. A good number are cows are domesticated by farmers and others from a long time. Cows like to spend their time in herds of cows. They are herbivorous animals who graze on grasslands and shrubs. Their main habitat is forest and grassland.
Cow produces milk which is used in various purposes and is a healthy drink. Like sheep and camels, cow is a cud chewing mammal. In India cow is considered as sacred animal and is also treated as very useful animal.

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Cow Internet resources

Facts About Cows
It's mostly just fun stuff with some cow pictures, cow sounds and a little cow humor, but there's a couple of links to actual, even possibly useful, cow information.

Breeds of Cattle
List of cattle breeeds. Cattle are considered to have been one of the first animals domesticated by man for agricultural purposes. They were tamed to provide milk, meat and hides and for draft purposes

North American Dairy Breeds
Identification of breeds which are kept primarily for dairy purposes in North America.

Cow's Eye Dissection
The Cow's Eye Dissection is one of the most popular demonstrations at the Exploratorium. For many years it has helped people satisfy their curiosity about what is inside an eye.

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