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Cheetahs are considered as the fastest mammal on the earth. It is the fastest of all terestrial animals and can reach speeds of over 110 km/h in short bursts. Even most of the sports car would stay behind on speed with Cheetah. They have very attractive appearance with yellow fur and small black dots. They have small head and a long tail that helps in balancing and changing direction quickly.

Cheetahs are mainly found in the continents of Asia and Africa. Their main habitat is open grassland and their main preys are hare, gazelle, antelope and others. The cheetah prefers to live in an open biotope, such as semi-desert, prairie, and thick brush. Cheetahs have threat from human, lion and eagles which has reduced their population.

Cheetahs are found in the wild only in Africa, but in the past their range extended into northern India and the Iranian plateau, where they were domesticated by aristocrats and used to hunt antelopes.

Females give birth to 3 to 5 cubs, after a gestation of 90 to 95 days. The cubs weigh from 150 to 300 g at birth. They leave their mother between 13 and 20 months after birth. The cheetah can live over 20 years. Unlike other felines, the adult females do not have true territories and seem to avoid each other. Males sometimes form small groups, especially when they came from the same litter.

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