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Bats are omnivorous animals and are found almost everywhere in the world. Most of the bats live in caves and forests. They mainly hunt at night with their exceptionally amazing eyesight. Their main prey includes insects, mice, fruits and frogs.

Bats are mainly found in the colors of black, grey and brown. They use echolocation and enjoy the better use of their strong and flexible wings. They have very sharp hearing ability. Very few species of bats feed on animal blood, which are mainly found in deep forests of South America.


The metacarpal bone and the second and fifth toe of the forelimbs are elongated, and between these toes is a membrane, called "chiropatagium". The membrane extends from the toes to the body side and from there to the base of the hind limbs. The entire wing of a bat is called patagium. Many species also have a membrane between the hind limbs enclosing the tails.

The thumb and sometimes the second toe of the forelimbs wear claws, as do all five toes of the hind limbs. The rear claws enable the bat to hang itself on to a tree branch, a ledge or something else.

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