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Badger is the common name for any animal of three subfamilies, which belong to the family Mustelidae: the same mammal family as the ferrets, the weasels, the otters, and several other types of carnivore. There are 9 species of badger, in three subfamilies: Melinae (the Eurasian badgers), Mellivorinae, (the Ratel or Honey Badger), and Taxidiinae (the American Badger).

Typical badgers are short-legged and heavy-set. The lower jaw is articulated to the upper, by means of a transverse condyle firmly locked into a long cavity of the cranium, so that dislocation of the jaw is all but impossible. This enables the badger to maintain its hold with the utmost tenacity.

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American Badger
The badger's fur is grayish and grizzled with black. It has a "badge-like" black marking on its face, which is accentuated by white that extends from the face rearward..

American Badger
The American badger has a flat body with short legs and a triangular face with a long, pointed..

Badger Video
Video of a badger in the wild

Badger Video
Video footage of a wild badger in Missouri grassland habita

American Badger
A rather large, robust, short-legged "weasel"; body broad and squat; tail short, thick and bushy, usually shorter than the outstretched hind le

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American Badger
Badgers habitat information.

American Badger
Badgers are found primarily in the Great Plains region of North America. Badgers occur north through the central western Canadian provinces

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