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The armadillo is any of several small mammals most known for having a bony armor shell.The average size is about 75 centimetres (30 inches) total length including tail.

It is a placental mammal of the order Xenarthra, related to the anteater. There are several species of armadillo, distinguished by how many bands are visible on their armor.

All species of armadillos are native to the American continents, where they inhabit a variety of environments. In the United States, armadillos are most common in the warmer states, particularly Texas. Armadillos eat mostly insects, grubs, and other invertebrates.

The armadillo is a prolific digger, and uses its sharp claws to burrow both to feed on grubs and to dig dens.Its main defense is its armor-like outer skin. When threatened by a predator, the armadillo will roll up into a ball.

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Armadillos are any of several small mammals of the family Dasypodidae, mostly known for having a bony armor shell..

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