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The antelope are a group of African animals of the family Bovidae, distinguished by a pair of hollow horns on their heads. There are many different species of antelope, ranging in size from tiny to very big. Antelope have powerful hindquarters and when startled they run with a peculiar bounding stride that makes them look as though they are bouncing over the terrain like a giant rabbit. Some species of antelope can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour), making them among the fastest of land animals.

Antelope appears like deer but they belong to the family of sheep, goat and cattle. Antelope iors as brown, red and tan. They are herbivorous and lives in forest and grasslands. Antelope mainly eats shoots, grass, seeds and others. They like to live in herd as they feel secure in being together. They own curved long legs which help them to run fast.

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Gemsbok - Academic Kids
The Gemsbok or gemsbuck Oryx gazella, is a large African Oryx antelope.

Lesser kudu
Lesser kudu Fun Facts, Fact Sheet, Conservation Status and Description from the National Zoo.

Antelope Quick Facts
All antelope species have horns, although in some species they are only found on the males.

Bongo - Academic Kids
The Bongo is a type of antelope that lives in rain forests in Central, East, and West Africa

antelope are a group of herbivorous African animals of the family Bovidae, distinguished by a pair of hollow horns on their heads

A photo gallery of African Antelopes.

Oryx Antelopes in the Kalahari
Oryx antelopes, also called gemsbok, are at home everywhere in the dry savannah of southern Africa.

Tibetan antelope - Academic Kids
The Tibetan antelope also commonly called the chiru, is a medium sized antelope which is about four feet in height, native to the Tibetan plateau

Wildebeest - Academic Kids
The wildebeest is a large hooved mammal of the genus Connochaetes, which includes two species, both native to Africa

Bontebok - Academic Kids
The Bontebok is a highveld antelope found in South Africa and Lesotho.

Antelope Clipart
You will find Antelope clipart.

Klipspringer - Academic Kids
The Klipspringer Oreotragus oreotragus, is a small African antelope that lives from the Cape of Good Hope all the way up East Africa and into Ethiopia

Dik-dik - Academic Kids
Dik-diks are small antelopes, named for the sound they make when alarmed, that live in the bush of southern and eastern Africa

Topi - Academic Kids
The Topi, or Tsessebe, as it is called in Southern Africa, is a savannah and floodplain antelope found in Sudan, Chad, Kenya, Tanzania, and Southern Africa.

The addax is a rare desert antelope that lives in the several isolated regions in the Sahara


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