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the agouti

Agoutis are forest dwelling rodents that are mainly found in the rainforests of Central and South America. An oily substance covers the coarse hair on their body. Their hearing ability is sharp and they can hear sounds from a distance. Agoutis are active looking for food during the day . They are omnivorous animals and they like to eat fruits, nuts and seeds. Agouti live in groups.

When feeding, agoutis sit on their hind legs and hold the food between their forepaws. They feed on fruits and other parts of plants. Sometimes they may become harmful to plantations of sugarcane and bananas. The habitat includes rainforests, savannas and nowadays cultivated fields, depending on the species. They conceal themselves during the night in hollow tree-trunks, or in burrows among roots. Active and graceful in their movements, their pace is either a kind of trot or a series of springs following one another so rapidly as to look like a gallop. They take readily to water, in which they swim well.

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The agouti is a rodent from Central and South America rain forests that looks a bit like a really large guinea pig

Agouti refers to a number of species of rodents, as well as a number of genes affecting coat coloration in several different animals

In Costa Rica, agoutis are common in relatively undisturbed forest from low elevations up to 2,000 m. They can live in the driest deciduous forests to the wettest tropical evergreen forests.

Red rumped agouti
Red rumped agouti Fun Facts, Fact Sheet, Conservation Status and Description from the National Zoo.

Agouti Pictures
Agouti Pictures

The agouti, a forest-dwelling rodent, is a very important member of the rainforest community. These animals are active throughout the day and can often be seen running about on the forest floor, foraging for fruits and nuts.

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