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Tarantulas are spiders belonging to the family Theraphosidae..

Mexican Red Kneed Tarantula
Facts and information about the Mexican Red Kneed Tarantula

American Tarantula Society
The American Tarantula Society …

Tarantula Planet
The care of spiderlings, general and species-specific information, and more…

Singapore Tarantula Page
You can find caresheets, housing, feeding, and handling information.…

Tarantula Facts
Frequently asked questions about tarantulas

British Tarantula Society web site
You will find links to tarantula resources, and visit the photo gallery…

Tarantulas @
Underground in burrows or above ground in trees, thesecret realm of the tarantula often goes unseen. Interactwith the tarantula's world by following its Life Cycle, thensee the diversity of tarantulas in Species. But first click the tarantula and see what lies beneath.