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Respiratory System
Basic facts about the respiratory system. This site includes a picture of the respiratory system.

Trachea - Academic Kids

Learn About Your Lungs Index
Since 1904, the American Lung Association has been working to ensure that all Americans breathe easier. Our mission is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health.

Nasal cavity - Academic Kids

Looking at Your Lungs
Your lungs make up one of the largest organs in your body, and they work with your respiratory system to allow you to take in fresh air, get rid of stale air, and even talk. Take a tour of the lungs!

Information on the Respiratory System..

How the Body Works
A flash animation on the Respiratory system and other body systems.

Lung - Academic Kids

Human Body System Webquest
An Internet WebQuest on Human Body Systems...

Yucky: Hiccups
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet, a science education site that uses a laugh and learn technique that makes learning fun.

Games - Learn all about lungs, lung diseases - games, quizzes, exercises, pictur
Games, quizzes, exercises, pictures, materials for reports.

Larynx - Academic Kids