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Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works
Ever wonder how your brain processes information? These brain tricks

Human brain and its parts
This is a biology video for grade 7-8th students about the human brain and its different parts which include fore brain, mid brain and the hind brain.

Neuroscience for Kids
Intended for elementary and secondary school students and teachers who are interested in learning more about the nervous system and brain. Hands on activities, experiments, information for all grade levels.

Basal ganglia
The basal ganglia are a group of nuclei in the brain associated with motor and learning functions

The thalamus is a part of the brain. It is located in the center of the brain, beneath the cerebral hemispheres

In the anatomy of animals, the brain, or encephalon, is the supervisory center of the nervous system

Cerebral cortex
The cerebral cortex is a brain structure in vertebrates, including humans

The Brain Is the Boss
Your brain is the boss of your body. It runs the show by controlling just about everything you do. Take a tour of how your brain works.

Brain Facts and Figures
Facts concerning spinal cord, neurons...

Information on brain related diseases..

Brain Anatomy Image Gallery
The illustrations highlight various parts of the brain

Anatomy of the Brain
View the different angles of the brain, The brain is one of the most complex and magnificent organs in the human body. Our brain gives us awareness of ourselves and of our environment, processing a constant stream of sensory data.

Brain Mythology
Here are some common brain myths and the facts behind them

Slideshow of Brain
Slideshow Preventing, Treating, and Living

Picture of the Brain
The brain is one of the largest and most complex organs in the human body.

A Science Odyssey: You Try It: Probe the Brain
You're about to map out the brain's motor cortex -- the area of the brain responsible for controlling body movements...