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The World Clock standard version
The World Clock shows current time in cities all over the world

Ancient Time

Time Travel
This web site is devoted to the explanation of why time travel is possible in both a forward and backward direction..

Lemelson Center Invention Features: Quartz Watch
Explore the invention of the quartz watch.

Time Travel Research Center and Association
Time Travel Research Center and Association, dedicated exclusively to
advancing the study and development of time control and time travel capabilities

The World Clock - Capitals
Current local times in capitals around the world

Watch Time Zone Database Worldwide provides current local time of cities worldwide. Each city page will show up information of the current time and other information such as map and places of interest.

Timezone Converter

Time Zone Converter - The Time Zone
Time and time zone converter. Readily tell the time anywhere in the world using our frequently updated time zone database.

Aztec Calendar
Aztec Calendar. Shows you the current date according to the tonalpohualli, the sacred Aztec calendar. Gives a reading of the significance of the day and the relevant gods.

The official U.S. time
US map with time zones..

Local Times Around the World
This guide attempts to list all of the world's countries, and many of its islands, with a pointer to the local time in the region..

The World Time Server - correct, current, local
Get correct and current world times with accurate daylight saving adjustments for every zone. Also, sync your PC clock with an atomic clock server and subscribe to our official database.

Date and Time Gateway
Date and Time Gateway for countries around the world..

USA time zones map with current local time
A. Krivenyshev- USA timezone map with current local time during Winter Standard Time from October 31, 1999 to April 2, 2000

The World Clock - Time Zones
Current local times around the world