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Mystical World Wide Web
Folklore and legends along with other mystical topics.

Castles on the World
Information about countries in Latin Amercia

The 28 Hour Day
What would it be like to have a 28 hour day?

Notable Citizens of Plant Earth
Statements from the Ancient Times to the present day

WWWebster Dictionary
The information is based on Merriam Webster Dictionary

American Academy of Poet's
A searchable database of works from major poets.

Country Directory

Cool Word of the Day
Expand your vocabulary with a new word each day.

Foreign Language Dictionary
Translate a foreign language to English

Castles on the Web
Information about countries in Latin Amercia

Mike's Clock Clinic's Weird Clocks Page Links
A Web page devoted to horology's many weird clocks and their design.

Web Online Dictionaries


Nobel Prize Winners
A searchable database of winners

How Time Works
A fascinating article that describes how time - from hours, minutes and seconds to days, months and years - works!

The Death Clock
The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away...