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Foreign Currency - International Money - Bank Notes - Beautiful Paper Money
This is Randy Johnson's collection of foreign paper money, collected over several years of traveling

Learn how to grade banknotes. Here you will find thousands of images of world banknotes and country specific info.

National Numismatic Collection
The National Numismatic Collection, of the Smithsonian Institution, is one of the largest numismatic collections in the world. Visit the virtual exhibitions based on objects within the National Numismatic Collections.

H.I.P. Pocket Change
site for kids presents U.S. history through coins and coin collecting.

Spanish Postage Stamps
The postage stamp collection of Casa de la Moneda Museum covers all Spanish issues since its creation in 1850, as well as a small sample of foreign postage stamps. It also includes other philatelic items such as first-day covers and postcards, postal stationery and aerograms.

Parthia Home
This exhibit takes advantage of the National Numismatic Collection's collection of Parthian drachmas in order to illustrate and illuminate a largely forgotten segment of the history of the Middle East.

Recent Donations of Outstanding U.S. Rarities
This exhibition was created to recognize the recent donations of outstanding U.S. rarities. You will find pictures of coins and paper money.

Where's George?
track and locate U.S. dollar bills across the country. Enter the serial number and a zip code to find out where your dollar bill has been.otes.comwwected items on display from the museum's collection; includes a detailed history on Japanese

Aaron's Paper Currency
Take a look at the currency gallery,learn about currency grading and more...

The History of Money
A short article about the history of money, includes pictures of ancient coins.

The Study of Colonial Currency
This site provides information about the paper money of the American colonies, including some contemporary pamphlets. Each colony is represented, along with paper money pictures.

Spanish Coins
The history of Spain and its coins. Pictures of coins are available at the site.

This site is dedicated to providing information about numismatics, the study and collecting of coins, paper money, tokens, medals, and other similar objects.

Chronology of Events in the History of Canadian Coins
This document attempts to bring various published sources together to present a timeline about Canadian Coins.

George's Little Coin Collecting Page
pictures and a catalog of the coins I have in my collection.

Surviving Images, Forgotten Peoples
Information about Native Americans, Women, and African Americans on Early United States Bank Notes.Includes pictuers of coins and paper money.