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Myths and Legends - frames
A source on myths and legends.

Practicing Speeches
The Public Speakers' Page For Public Speaking. Tips for practicing public speaking.

CARTS Cultural Art Resources
An online clearinghouse for national and regional resources related to folklore and traditional arts

Tongue twisters
Welcome to the world's largest collection of tongue twisters! Click on a language to view the tongue twisters.

Frontline: The Shakespeare Mystery
FRONTLINE investigates the controversial theory thatEdward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, a poet and intimate of Queen Elizabeth I, was, in fact, the real bard andauthor of the plays and sonnets of Shakespeare.

Merriam-Webster's Word Puzzles
Play a new puzzle every day or visit our puzzle archive toplay games you missed during the past month.

The Word Detective has MOVED
The Word Detective on the Webis the online version of The Word Detective, a newspaper column answering readers' questions about words and language.

Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus
A visual thesaurus explores the sense relationships within the English language. By clicking on words, you follow a thread of meaning.

Fake Out
Choose one of the grade level words, and guess its definition

Children's Stories, Poems, Pictures and Sounds
Stories, Poems, Pictures and Sounds

Common Errors in English
A good source for common english errors.

Quotation Page
Links to quotations on the internet

Cyber English

VoS English Literature: Contemporary

The Broken Rules Page
A collection of amusing breakings of the rules of English grammer and spelling.

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