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Italian Language Resources

Quechua Language Resources

WWW resources are available for foreign language teachers.

Languages - BBC - Make French Your Business
A web resource for people using their language in a business environment

Swedish Language Course
onine language course

Foreign Languages Series
Language tutorial.

Language Resources
Guides you to a variety of language resources on the World Wide Web

Cyber Italian - Interactive language course and more
Interactive Italian language course and Italian culture, cinema, literature, art, chat, links ...

Chinese Multimedia Tutorial
Chinese language, greetings, some basic food-related words and phrases

Portuguese Language Resources

Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student
50+ modules are provided for your Spanish Language Education

Learn to Read Hindi
Learn to Read and Write Hindi

German Language Resources
An index of links to German Language resources.

Multi-Language Language Resources
Language resources.

Learn Dutch
This online Dutch language course.

Japanese Online is a language resource website, a gathering place for anyone who has interest in Japanese language and culture. This site provides oportunities and resources to help you learn not only Japanese, but a little bit of Japanese culture.