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Bugscope: Bugscope
A GREAT online project. Pick a bug, send it in and look at it through an electronic microscope that students remotely control.

Sea Turtle Science Expedition
A science expedition on saving the sea turtles.

Traveling Husky Puppies Project Announcement
Our traveling mascots, two husky puppies, are getting ready to meet new friends and learn about history throughout the United States and the world.

ePals Classroom Exchange
Meet and correspond with over 900,000 nternational K-12 students, schools, teachers, keypals and pen pals. Email projects are educational and FUN!

The JASON Project
science technology online projects

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World Surfari

The Albatross Project
Kids from all over are joining with scientists to track and learn about ocean-going albatrosses in Hawaii !!!


Mysteries of Çatalhöyük
Mysteries of Çatalhoyuk explores the multitude of questions surrounding the findings at this archaeological dig in Turkey.

My History is America's History
It is a place where every American can be an historian-a place to remember, to record, and to see things in the "big picture." It is a gathering place for sharing family stories; for meeting folks in the community who are prepared to share or help with your voyage of historical discovery...

World War I WebQuest
The WWI WebQuest is designed to help you answer the essential question "What is it like to be in a conflict". You will use primary sources to explore the experience of different participant's roles in World War I.

Virtual Antarctica
An online virtual tour of Antartica.

E-Mail Pal Projects
Classroom e-mail projects

ThinkQuest, ThinkQuest Junior, Tomorrow's Teachers - design education Web sites
ThinkQuest is an online program that challenges students, educators at all levels to develop educational Web sites for curriculum and staff development

Journey North 1999
The journeys of a dozen migratory species are tracked each spring. Students share their own field observations with classrooms across the Hemisphere.