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The Women Who Gave Their Lives
A history of women in the military from the Revolutionary War to present day.

World War I Musical Scores
World War I Musical Scores.

Anti-Submarine Weapons

The Queen Mary's Hospital Sidcup Archives
Welcome to the site that describes the most complete archive of medical notes from the Great War in the world.

African American Odyssey: World War I and Postwar Society (Part 1)

Australia and the Great War
Links, personal accounts, of World War I.

Views of War, from A Soldier's Diary: the Diary of Benjamin Edgar Cuzan

France in the Great War

The Great War: Program Highlights from Slaughter
World War I gave new meaning to death on the battlefield, a breadth of horror summed up in one word: slaughter.

World War I Songs
Songs of World War I.

The First World War - Life in the Trenches
First World War, life in the trenches.

World War I, The U.S. Sedition Act
The U.S. Sedition Act

The New Deal and World War
Allied military efforts were accompanied by a series of important international meetings on the political objectives of the war..

The Eastern Front
The Eastern Front of that great war had a profound impact on the remainder of the 20th century...

Trenches on the Web - Media Room

The Great War - 1914 - 1918
On this web-site you will find articles on various aspects of the Great War. Below, there is a list of the current contents.

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