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George Washington: An Animated History
The Adam Smith Academy presents an animated lecture of George Washington for kids.

George Washington Coloring Page
Download, print and color drawings of President George Washington

President George Washington Biography
Watch this video about President George Washington providing interesting, fun facts

George Washington Video
Fast, fun facts about George Washington. Discover details and info about his life and accomplishments

George Washington
Read and learn about George Washington..

George Washington
The First President of the US, George Washington.

George Washington Birthplace National Monument (National Park Service)

Mount Vernon - George Washington encyclopedia
Digital encyclopedia of President George Washington

George Washington's Mount Vernon
Plan your day, create a virtual tour, and virtually meet President George Washington.

Mount Vernon - Biographical Notes
Biographical Notes on George Washington.

The History Place - George Washington Picture Gallery
You will find a variety of George Washington pictures.

USA: Recruiting and Maintaining an Army
USA-project, presidents-area, writings of George Washington: Recruiting and Maintaining an Army

The First Lady: Martha Dandridge Custis Washington
The First Lady Martha Washington.

David Ramsay's The Life of George Washington
Covers Washington's life from his early years to his death in 1799.

George Washington: First Inaugural Address. U.S. Inaugural Addresses. 1989
George Washington First Inaugural Address.

George Washington: Second Inaugural Address. U.S. Inaugural Addresses. 1989
George Washington Second Inaugural Address.