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Lewis Hine, Photographer of the Child Labor
Wikipedia information about Lewis Hine, a man whose photographs were key to the change of child labor laws in the United States.

Grant, U. S. letters (1863 & 1865)
Letter images and text of a letter by U.S. Grant from the civil war.

William Few

The Pilgrim Story.
The story of the Pilgrims and their Indian neighbors is familiar to most Americans...

Wisconsin Labor History Society
A society dedicated to keeping stories of workers and unions of Wisconsin alive.

Roger Williams: A Plea for Religious Liberty
Roger Williams, religious leader and one of the founders of Rhode Island.

Samuel Johnson

Senator Joe McCarthy
Joseph R. McCarthy, possibly the greatest demagogue in the history of America, was also the strongest anti-Communist.

Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography
Known today as The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, this classic piece of Americana was orginally written for Franklin's son William, then the Governor of New Jersey. The work portrays a fascinating picture of life in Philadelphia...

Samuel Adams - American Patriot & Politician