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French and Indian War
The French and Indian War is the American name for the decisive nine-year conflict (1754-1763) in North America between Great Britain and France,

The French and Indian War
An article about the French and Indian War.

Scalping During the French and Indian War
An article on the scalping that occured during the French and Indian War.

Old Fort Niagara
The site of historic battles and sieges, trading and conquest, Old Fort Niagara is an exciting place where the past lives on! Preserved as they stood in the 1700's when France and Britain controlled Niagara, the Fort's structures include the oldest building in the Great Lakes

The French and Indian War
A short history of the French and Indian War. A brief narrative of this war in order to put contemporary maps and prints into perspective.

Fort Necessity NB Home Page
Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, Fort Necessity NB commemorates George Washington's first military campaign; the opening battle of the French and Indian War.

The Seven Years War Website French and Indian War
The Seven Year War Website offers French and Indian War articles, French and Indian War links, uniform charts, French and Indian War reenactments...

Royal Proclamation of 1763
After the Seven Years' War was over, Britain controlled all of North America east of the Mississippi.The Proclamation, and details of the governance and settlement of the new land.

The Fort at No. 4 - Living History Museum
This Historically correct re-creation of the actual Fortified Village helps educate people World Wide on the day to day living as well as Historical Events which took place at this location durring this important period of American History.

USA: French and Indian War -Index
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