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Boston Tea Party
Information and pictures about the Boston Tea Party.

Liberty`s Kids: The Boston Tea Party
This video is really good to watch if you are studying about American Revolution. This video is about the Boston Tea Party which happened in 16th December 1773.

The Boston Tea Party Video
America the Story of Us- The Boston Tea Party

The story behind the Boston Tea Party Video
Before the Revolutionary War, American colonists were taxed heavily for importing tea from Britain. The colonists, not fans of "taxation without representation", reacted by dumping tea.

Boston Tea Pary
Printout. Information about the Boston Tea Party, crossword puzzle and ..

Tea Act
The so-called Tea Act, passed in 1773, allowed the British East India Company to sell tea to the British colonies..

Boston Tea Party
The Boston Tea Party was a political protest by Boston, Massachusetts residents against the British parliament.

The Boston Tea Party
Information and pictures about the Boston Tea Party.

Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Intolerable Acts
The Intolerable Acts, called by the British the Coercive Acts or Punitive Acts, were a series of laws passed by the British Parliament

WPI Military Science: Boston Tea Party
A quick summary of what happened with the Boston Tea Party

Reports on the progress, setbacks, and successes of the American Revolution.