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Antietam - A Photographic Tour
The pages that follow will attempt to guide the reader through the more important points of interest of the battlefield....

The Battle of Brandywine
The first battle of the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777

Pictures and Illustration of the American Revolution
Good selection of American Revolution Battle Pictures, Photographs and Illustrations

Revolutionary War
Detailed account of the Battle of Camden, August 16, 1780, as reported to the 71st Congress, House Document No. 12. Includes review of conditions before, during and after the battle, as well as British and American strengths and losses.

The Battle of the Saintes
The 1782 naval battle which revolutionised naval tactics and changed Caribbean history for 200 years.

An Unlikely Victory 1777-1783
Part of the American Revolution Timeline at The History Place.

Battle of Kings Mountain and the Battle of Cowpens
Historical statements concerning the two battles, with overview of conditions and the combatants involved. Excellent documentation of the battles.

The Battle of Germantown
For the first time the British retreat during battle, but fog and confusion turned the American advance around..