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The Jade Emperor, Supreme God of Chinese Folk Religion, Ruler of Heaven, Creator of the Universe, member of the SAN-QING, and Lord of the Imperial Court.

Guan-Yu, a DAOist God of War and Martial Arts started life as a mortal vendor of soya bean curd. Find out how he became a god.

The Infamous Irrepressible Monkey King
The Trickster God, and Great Sage Equal Of Heaven was high-spirited, egotistical and full of mischievous pranks. Find out what makes the Monkey God so interesting.

Eight Chinese individuals who, by pure chance, achieved Immortality via a bizarre set of events. Learn how these Eight people became the Eight Immortals.

Stories Resources Page-China

Ancient Chinese Gods
China, the Middle Kingdom, is an ancient country full of mystery and paradox. One thing we love about Chinese mythology is its sense of humor, find out more.