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Chinese Philosophy
The keynote in Chinese philosophy is humanism: man and his society have occupied, if not monopolized, the attention of Chinese philosophers throughout the ages.

Crafts and Artisans
Jade and bronze were the most prized materials in Ancient China. Jade was believed to have magical properties and to preserve the dead

China the Beautiful
China the Beautiful - Its Art, Literature, Painting Calligraphy, Novel, Philosophy, History, Classics and many other topics.

Ancient China Ch'u'tz'u
Chu Tzu, ( Chinese: Words of the Chu) , Pinyin Chuci, compendium of ancient Chinese poetic songs from the southern state of Chu during the Chou dynasty.

Chinese Culture Page
an introduction to Chinese culture

Chinese Culture: Images
a summary of all the picture files

Tombs and Ancestors
The ancient Chinese believed that life carried on after death. People believed they would continue to do the things they had done in this life in the afterlife

Chinese Art Exhibition
Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution

Chinese Dynasties - Chinese & World Chronology
A chronological list of Chinese Dynasties.