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Molar Tooth
Molars are the rearmost and most complicated kind of tooth in most mammals. In many mammals they grind food

Teeth—singular tooth—are hard structures found in the jaws of many vertebrates. They have various structures...

The mission of this webquest is to help Sydney learn to take good care of her teeth.

Gum Disease
Few people like to think about gum disease.

the smilestones
Fun dental related characters all living on smilestone island. Teeth cleaning game, stories and more..

Tooth Decay

The Basics of Tooth and Gum Care
Good oral care habits, tooth anatomy, gum disease, and more..

Oral-B Presents the Brush Buddies
Grab your brush and get ready! It's time to take a trip through the wild world of incredible brushing! Just pick a place and go!

Cleaning Between Teeth

First Aid for Dental Emergencies
Designed to launch young patients into a lifetime of good dental habits.

All About Braces
Find out how braces can improve your appearance, improve your health, make you look beautiful..

I Lost My Tooth
Students from around the world participate in the "I Lost My Tooth". The project covers, creative writing, graphing, art, social studies..

Healthy Teeth is an oral education database built upon the science of oral health and designed for elementary grades 3 - 6. It features animated graphics, easy-to-understand text, simple classroom experiments and much more..

Adventures of Mr. Reach
Learn all about toothbrushes, floss, rinse, and good oral health care with Mr. Reach.

Your Child's Teeth--A Guide for Parents
This handout answers some questions about children's teeth and gives advice on keeping your child's teeth strong and healthy.