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Electing a President for Kids

American Government & Politics at
American government & politics portal. Free online textbook, documents library and more.

How to Become President of the USA Poster
How to Become President of the USA Poster

Bill Bradley For Prez 2000 unofficial
Unofficial Bill Bradley For President Web Site

The Democratic Leadership Council and The Progressive Policy Institute
Articles, news and legislative history.

President Wellstone 2000
Information and news related to Senator Paul Wellstone's campaign for President in the year 2000

Mr. Smith E-Mails Washingtonsm & Mr. Smith E-Mails The Mediasm
Mr. Smith E-Mails Washington lets users send e-mail to members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives as well as the President and Vice-President. Mr. Smith E-Mails The Media provides a graphical interface to send a Letter to the Editor to a wide variety of publications

Time Magazine:National Campaign 2000
Feeding Both Sides Bush's success comes partly from tending the two G.O.P.s

Welcome to Internet Democrats


Libertarian Party of Minnesota

Forbes - Starting Page
Steve Forbes National Presidential committee site

College Democrats of America

Constitutional Party of Pennsylvania
Political Party Recognize Affirm God-given Dignity Individual Believe Declaration Independence Constitution the United States America Pennsylvania Declaration of Rights Articulate Basic Principle

John Kasich 2000 -
Find out more about John Kasich and Get Involved in his effort to run America from the ground up.
The Consortium is a website dedicated to independent investigative journalism

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