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North Georgia History

Georgia and the Am. Rev.

Georgia History

Photos and Other Images Related to Georgia History
Many photos related to the history of Georgia.

Georgia on Stamps
U.S. postage stamps, postal stationery, and revenue stamps that have a tie to Georgia.

James Edward Oglethorpe Tercentenary Home Page
You will find lots of information and pictures about James Edward Oglethorpe.

Information on the various cities that have served as Georgia capital.

Civil War in Georgia

Historic Forts and Military Installations
The history of military fortifications associated with Georgia involves some forts outside the state's current boundaries.

Fort King George
Fort King George, a mile east of present-day Darien, was the first English settlement of coastal Georgia.

Georgia Indians

When is Georgia's Birthday
Today, Feb. 12 is widely celebrated as "Georgia Day." However, there are a number of other dates associated with the creation of Georgia that can make an equal claim to being the birthday of Georgia.

Work Progress Administration projects in Georgia
This collection of photographs chronicle the various WPA projects which took place in Georgia. The projects were the same in most all of the states, and included basic work on infrastructure such as street building and repair, as well as sewer construction.

History of Railroads in Atlanta
The dawn of the railroad age in America came in 1827 with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. Within ten years, the railroads gave birth to Atlanta

African-American History and Culture

Map of Spanish Missions in Georgia: 1526-1686