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History of California -20th century
This article continues the history of California in the 20th century after its first 50 years of statehood

History of California
Although the present-day state of California has been occupied

The Muwekma Ohlone Website
The official homepage of the Muwekma Ohlone California Indian tribe.

California Missions Interactive Home Page
California's twenty-one Spanish missions make up some of this state's richest historical landmarks. The missions provide a rare insight into California's Spanish heritage.


Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum. Wonderful pictures.

The Chumash Indians
THE CHUMASH INDIANS Native People of Southern California

Gabrielino Tongva Indians
The Gabrielino Tongva Indians are the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin

Welcome to Puvungna

Tribal home of the Gabrielino Tongva Nation
tongva nation

Cyber Serra Virutal Mission Tour
A fourth grade project on the Missions of California.

The California Pomo People, Brief History -- Native American Art
California Pomo people have a little-known history.

Spanish Missions
During the period of Spanish rule, the Catholic Church established a series of missions in California. A list of missions is provided.

CMSA: California Missions Scholars
The California Mission Studies Association is a nonprofit group of historians, archaeologists, architects, preservationists, Native Americans and clerics devoted to the study and survival of the 21 California missions, presidios, adobes, pueblos, asistancias and ranchos dating from 1769.

The Four Remaining Franciscan Missions of California
Information and links to the Franciscan California Missions.

California Indian Tribes