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Read and learn about Bahrain.

History of Bahrain
Bahrain was once part of the ancient civilization of Dilmun and served as an important link in trade routes between Sumeria and the Indus Valley

Demographics of Bahrain
Most of the population of Bahrain is concentrated in the two principal cities, Manama and Al Muharraq..

Politics of Bahrain
Bahrain is a hereditary kingdom (until 2002 emirate) under the rule of the Al Khalifa family

What Bahrain Is Really Like
Images, text, and links to introduce students to the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain.

Library of Congress Bahrain
A library of Congress web site. This online book describes the political, economic, social, historical and geographical information of Bahrain.

ArabNet Bahrain
This web site on Bahrain includes information on the history, geography, of the region. Includes, maps, climate, culutre, business and government info.

World Flag Database: Bahrain
Details and flags of Bahrain.