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Historic places to go in Scotland
Places to go in Scotland. Pictures and information about the different historical places.

The Strathspey Server
This is a repository of information relating to Scottish country dancing.

NOVA Online: The Beast of Loch Ness
A three-week expedition that used state-of-the-art sonar and sensitive underwater cameras in an attempt to track down and identify the elusive creature

Historic Scotland
Information on historic sites found in Scotland.

Edinburgh Witchery Tours
Edinburgh Witchery Tours offer award-winning guided walks and a unique range of books and videos about the murkier sides of Edinburgh history

En sida om Skottland

Holidays in Scotland - Scottish Tourist Board - Accommodation, Transport, Activi
The definitive Scottish Travel Information site. With everything you need to tour Scotland's greatest attractions, and lots of superb accommodation, travel and attraction offers.

Clan Douglas Landmarks
The history of the House of Douglas is filled with the names of castles, kirks, and halls

The House of Douglas / Clan Douglas
It is said that if the name of Douglas were removed from Scottish history there would be few stories left for the telling. They belong to legend as much as to history. Whatever they did was dramatic and usually memorable and were Scotland's outstanding representatives in the Age of Chivalry.

Scotland - Megalithic Mysteries
Photographs of Megalithics found in Scotland. Very nicely done.

Scotland - Megalithic Mysteries
Stones of Caithness. Caithness is at the tip of North-East Scotland, and is a world apart from the rest of the Highlands.

The British Monarchy
The history of the Scottish Crown. The unification of Scotland under a single monarchy began in the ninth century. Over the centuries,the relationship between theScottish and English monarchies was ambivalent, ranging from direct ties through dynastic marriage to outright disagreement resolved by battles between the two countries.

Celtic Heart - Main Menu
Celtic cultural resources

Scotland: Music and Dance
Scotland has a rich tradition of music, song and dance. Here you will find links to Scottish music, song and dance.

Scotland - Megalithic Mysteries
Megalithic mysteries found in Scotland. Visit the different Counties/Regions that have these megalithic mysteries. Information and images.

Rampant Scotland Directory - History
Scotland Scottish Scots news current affairs tartan clans celtic gaelic history

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